In Our Time - Heroin project
This project is based on listening to a podcast about having a heroin addiction. I was given a series of choices in terms of themes to select and choosing this one I felt was the most interesting subject considering I know someone with this problem. For this project I looked at the effects of withdrawal for someone who abuses heroin. I wanted to take the effects and put them into something that shows my audience what this aspect of addiction is like.

To promote the event I created awkward leaflets using frames taken from these gifs in order to keep the imagery coherent. I was inspired by the fortune telling origamis I would use at school and remembering how much I always struggled to make them I felt this would be the perfect way to display a leaflet that is supposed to make you feel a similar way withdrawal does.
I created gifs that would make the audience feel uncomfortable and irritable like the symptoms you would get from withdrawal. The gifs are flashy and bright, I used a disorienting background in order to make them hard on the eyes. My inspiration for the background imagery came from the noise you would get on old televisions. I would find it really disorienting and I found it would always hurt my eyes. 
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