J'aime le Cinèma (I Love Cinema)

For this project we had to choose a two themes from two different categories, for my project I chose document and archive, these themes inspired me to create a publication showing my favourite films and TV series. 

For this project I chose to look at my favourite scenes from my favourite films, in order to display this I chose to take these moments and explain why they meant so much to me. This project was very personal for me and was the first time we got to write our own briefs, this allowed me to really explore the deeper meanings as to why these moments/films are my favourites and how they've inspired/effected me. 

The name of the publication is J'aime le Cinèma, I did this because it was a play on words, my name is Jaime and the way that it is spelt is similar to the french translation for love, this links to my name and to the fact that cinema took fame in France in it's earlier days. For the cover I also wanted to include a common symbol from when you are watching films, I chose the play button as this is relevant and it begins the journey into the publication. The cover is like pressing play to watch a film. 
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