Cultural Identities - The Gurkha Movement

This project was about the Gurkha's, this project was about creating an exhibition and a way to advertise this. For this project I chose to use their traditional weapon, the khukuri was used by the Gurkha soldiers, I felt that this was the best way to symbolise these people and what they did for an exhibition. 

I wanted to to something different with the illustration, I didn't just want to product the standard line drawing, I knew when I started this project that I wanted to experiment with animation so I felt that using shapes I would be able to create something that looked different but tasteful as well as being able to represent it through an animation. I chose triangles because like the knife they were sharp, I feel that they worked better than other shapes as you are able to put them together like a puzzle to create the overall shape.

I chose to experiment with the colours that would be on the soldiers uniform as it made it more interesting to look at in comparison to the black lined one. These colours worked on the posters I created, and looked great on the grey paper printed for the flyers/posters. 

The animation I created was a virtual poster, the plan for this was for it to be displayed on the underground escalator on their virtual display. 
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