General Election FMP (foundation)
For my FMP in foundation I was looking into the general election, at the time I wasn't very educated on politics and as I was old enough to vote I felt that it was important for me to learn about the parties in order to inform my voting decision. I took the general election and the slander that David Cameron, Nigel Farage and Ed Miliband where giving to one another gave it a twist. I have always been a big film buff so I thought it would make it more interesting to a younger audience if I made the politicians into villains from Batman. I chose to use the villains because at the time I felt that we often saw politicians as villainous individuals. In the illustrations above I chose to represent Nigel Farage as the iconic Joker, at the time he was causing the most upset with his political views. I took inspiration from one of my favourite illustrators Luke Dixon. 
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